Dear Goddess,

I'd been a Doctor of Optometry, helping patients with vision and eye health for over a decade, when many traumatic experiences, losses, the abuse of women close to me, and my own harrowing and frustrating health journey led me down the spiritual and holistic healing path, and into more peace, harmony, and well-being through the ups and downs of life.

I’ve always been a healer, and through various trainings and learning with many teachers, I have tapped into my innate gifts. I am an Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, certified chakra and crystal healer, and registered yoga teacher. I am also walking the Shamanic path. Initially, this was all to support my own healing and to step up into my feminine power, but I am living my purpose in sharing these powerful healing modalities with you.

In addition to supporting physical and emotional healing, I am also here to help you see that you are a Goddess.  Born of the Universe, Source, God, Love, the Divine, whatever you choose to call it, we women are both magical and mystical, powerful and vulnerable, strong and soft.  We are both givers of light and open to receive anything in alignment with our own personal truth. 

As Modern Goddess Melissa, I am here technically not to empower you, but rather to remind you that you hold the power within yourself.  My aim is to facilitate the flow of loving energy to you, for your highest and best good, allow you to shed limiting beliefs and replace them with what feels good to you, and keep your energy in as much alignment as possible. I’m here to help you see your truth, tap into your abundance, step into your power, and follow your bliss as you live more in alignment with your higher self.

Thank you for being here because it shows your commitment and love for yourself.  May we all see what powerful Goddesses we are, and rise even higher together.

Dr. Melissa Bersamina, OD, MBA, RYT


University of California, Davis: B.S. Biological Sciences, emphasis in Neurology, Physiology, and Behavior, Minor in Psychology

Marshall B. Ketchum University: Doctor of Optometry

University of California, Los Angeles: Master of Business Administration

Reiki Master Teacher

Shamanic Practitioner

ThetaHealing Practitioner